Razorz Edge | Where High Science and High Magic Meet

This section is CONSTANTLY BEING UPDATED. There is some incomplete information here. Anything that looks complete probably is. Anything that seems to be missing information likely IS. Razorz Edge is a setting of my creation that I am converting, slowly but surely, to the d20 system. I am starting with the magical realm (Charmed Earth) first, then I will add Barren Earth.

Razorz Edge is a universe consisting of two different worlds connected to each other at places of power. These worlds have evolved seperately in very different directions but have always been connected and have influenced each other in small ways ... until recently.

Now the gates between these worlds have been forced wider. Still there is no permanent gateway of any kind but there are those that have the means to open the door.


Races found both in and around Barren Earth and the lands of Charmed Earth

Character Classes

Occupational Classes separated by location and genre


New skills and a list of the allowed skills from the source material


New feats and a list of the allowed feats from the source material


The most common deities worshiped in Charmed Earth. Some of these are still worshiped in Barren Earth.

Standard Magic System

Expansions and classes based on the spellpoint system presented in Monty Cook's World of Darkness. Also including equivalent classes for use with the magic system in the Player's Handbook.


Rules for Robots/Androids as Player Characters, weapons, equipment, cybernetics, and vehicles