d20 Fantasy Feats

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Altered Feats

Skill Focus
Bonus of +3 instead of +2.

Bonus of +1 Hit Point per character level (instead of +3 total).

New General Feats

Flight [RE]
Prerequisites: Race: fairie
Gives flight with poor maneuverability. Speed is 30 feet

Improved Flight
Prerequisites: Flight or flight capability with poor or better maneuverability.
Increases maneuverability to fair (does not decrease it if maneuverability is already better). Speed is 40 feet.

You are unusually talented at being stealthy.
Bonus: You get +2 to Hide and Move Silently checks.

Berserker Feats

These feats must be selected as Character Feats or as part of the Berzerker Prestige Class. They do not count as Fighter or Ranger feat unless specifically stated otherwise.

Beast Scent [Rage]
Prerequisites: Base Attack +3, Rage
You are an animalistic berzerker and you have instincts and skills that make you an animalistic predator.
    Gain Survival (wilderness) in-class and you are able to make Scent-based perception checks with Survival (wilderness) that otherwise function as a Spot or Listen check. Due to your tendency to exhibit animalistic behavior even in social situations you at -4 to all social rolls except Intimidation and Seduction. This feat may be selected as a ranger feat (in this case the rage feat is not required).

Controlled Rage [Rage]
Prerequisites: Rage (feat), Will Save +4 (Base + Stat bonus only)
You have learned to control your rage and can start and stop it at will. This feat may be selected as a fighter or ranger feat.

Improved Rage [Rage]
Prerequisites: Base Attack +3, Rage (feat)
Rage lasts 3+ adjusted CON bonus in rounds. 2/day.

Greater Rage [Rage]
Prerequisites: Base Attack +6, Improved Rage (feat)
Berzerker bonuses increase to +6 Str, +6 Con, +3 morale bonus to Will saves while berserk. 3/day.

Mighty Rage [Rage]
Prerequisites: Base Attack +9, Greater Rage (feat), 1+ level of Berkerker Prestige Class
Berzerker bonuses increase to +8 Str, +8 Con, +4 morale bonus to Will saves. Can rage 4/day.

Pushed Rage [Rage]
Prerequisites: Base Attack +2, Improved Rage (feat), Con 15+
You can rage one more time a day and for three rounds longer than normal but after the rage ends, instead of becoming fatigued, you fall unconscious and cannot be woken up for the same amount of time you would normally be fatigued.

Rage [Rage]
Prerequisites: Non-lawful alignment
Gives access to other rage feats. While berserk, gain +4 Str (berzerker bonus), +4 Con (berzerker bonus), +2 morale bonus to Will saves, -2 AC. Berserker rage lasts 3 rounds and can be done 1/day. At the end of the rage, the barbarian loses the rage modifiers and restrictions and becomes fatigued (-2 penalty to Strength, -2 penalty to Dexterity, can't charge or run) for the duration of the current encounter (a 6th level Berzerker no longer has this penalty).

Shapeshifting Feats [RE]

Races that have the potential to pick up shapeshifting feats without benefit of a particular class are:

Duration for any of the effects is character level x2 in rounds (unless specified otherwise) once per day per three character levels.

Advanced Natural Armor [RE]
Prerequisites: Improved Natural Armor, Con 19+
Damage Reduction half character level, round down. Duration: at will.

Animated Tree [RE] [sylvan]
Prerequisites: Dex 13+, ability to cast 1st level arcane or divine spells
Can move like a Treant.

Body of Thorns [RE]
Unarmed attacks are treated as piercing weapons (1d6 + Str Mod damage). Shapeshifter is considered to be proficient with the thorns and anyone grappling with the character will be dealt 1d4 damage per round.

Camoflauge [RE]
Prerequisites:Knowledge (nature) or Wilderness Lore 5+ ranks
Bonus of +4 Hide amongst vegetation. Concealment is considered one level higher.

Claws [RE]
Prerequisites: Str 13+
Claws are 1d6 damage with a critical of 20.

Improved Camoflauge [RE]
Prerequisites: ??
Can pass off a disguise as plant.

Improved Claws [RE]
Prerequisites: Claws, Str 15+
Claws increase to 1d8 damage with a critical of 19 - 20.

Improved Healing [RE]
Prerequisites: Con 15+, Heal 5+ ranks
Healing is increased to 3/2 points.

Improved Natural Armor [RE]
Prerequisites: Natural Armor, Con 17+
Bonus of +2 Natural Armor. Duration: at will.

Improved Simple Objects [RE]

Multiple Forms [RE]

Natural Armor [RE]
Prerequisites: Con 13+
Bonus of +2 HP per Level. Duration: at will.

Scent [RE]

Simple Objects [RE]